About Us



BIOFLOW is one of the world’s leading brands and suppliers of magnetic wrist products. Started in UK in 1991, BIOFLOW is the brainchild of engineer and Ecoflow founder Nigel Broderick. Prior to founding Ecoflow, Nigel was studying about various inventions during World War II. He noted that boffins had the ability to get 5% more power from engines by ionising fuels with magnets. The prevalent problem back then was the damage acid rain was causing in the northern hemisphere. To combat this, Nigel started Ecoflow.

Ecoflow designed and supplied magnetic products for the automotive industry to reduce carbon emissions and increase fuel consumption. While these magnetic products were working wonders on automobiles, distributors who had these magnetic products on their person started to notice a decrease in body pain. When Nigel heard about this he started to research the connection between the body and magnetic energy. His study led him to develop the Bioflow Bracelet. The positive feedback he received on the Bioflow Bracelet inspired him to make similar products for dogs, cats and horses.

BIOFLOW’s success is largely based on their understating on magnetic technology. Being in the market for almost 20 years, the Company is dedicated and committed to keep innovating and bringing out products that will help alleviate different kinds of body pain.

After BIOFLOW’s tremendous success across the UK, in 2010 ,Bioflow North Pty Ltd was started in Australia. It wasn’t long before BIOFLOW’s magnetic bracelets fame spread and it became a success with people suffering from body aches and pains as well pet owners who had animals with severe pain.

With over a million satisfied customers BIOFLOW has becoming a household name and a safe way to fight body pain and aches.