Catriona Matthew

Catriona Matthew – Queen of the Green

Catriona MatthewCatriona Matthew is a professional Scottish golfer who has been an important part of the LPGA. Catriona exhibited amazing talent and potential in golf in junior and amateur tournaments and bagged a number of titles in the early nineties. She attended the University of Stirling, one of the few British universities that offered a golf scholarship. In 1994, Catriona qualified fifth at the LPGA Final Qualifying Tournament and earned an exempt status for the 1995 season. She’s been on full throttle since then and today ranks number 10 in the official world golf rankings.

In the above image, Catriona is seen wearing a Bioflow Sport Wristband Neon Pink.

Cariona Matthew is a seven-time Solheim Cup player and has a number of international victories in her belt. A few of her crowning achievements are

  • 1996 Holden Women’s Australian Open
  • 1998 McDonald’s WPGA Championship on the Ladies European Tour
  • 2007 Scandinavian TPC
  • 2009 Ricoh Women’s British Open
  • 2009 HSBC LPGA Brasil Cup
  • 2011 Aberdeen Ladies Scottish Open
  • 2012 Ladies Irish Open
  • 2013 Aberdeen Asset Management Ladies Scottish Open.

Catriona is in her 40s and is in the best shape ever. She owes her good health to a well-balanced lifestyle. When she does not have a tournament lined up, she works out for about 45 minutes, does some intense practice for 30 minutes, plays about 9 holes and puts in an additional hour of practice. In spite of keeping herself so fit, like many other professional golfers who spend hours practicing she had developed a few niggles.

How Bioflow helps Catriona Matthew

Before these niggles could become serious, Catriona turned to magnotherapy. Catriona turned to Bioflow. Bioflow’s Central Reverse Polarity, CRP helps in improving blood circulation to the affected area. In the case of golfers, the areas in question are the back and wrist. Each golf swing adds severe strain to the wrist not to mention the hours of standing and walking. The bracelet helps to increase blood circulation to the affected area, reduces pain and brings down any swelling. Further studies in magnotherapy revealed that magnetic bracelets help maintain the balance between the wrist and the forearm. This is done by providing a consistent magnetic power through the bracelet, which helps balance the central nervous system. The magnetic bracelet also helps in positively polarising the cells, which escalates performance levels. So players wearing magnetic bracelets can play golf for long hours without feeling lethargic.

Catriona Matthew’s cites, “I’ve been wearing the Bioflow wristband for some time – so it’s great to finally join up with Team Bioflow as an ambassador.” Bioflow is only too happy to welcome this golf pro into the Bioflow family. And with their recently launched Sport Twin which is a combination of magnet technology packed with a durable, non-tearable wristband, they are positive it will bring Catriona success in her upcoming tournaments in Asia, Mexico, the US and The Royal Melbourne in February 2015.

With her tremendous skill and talent in the game and a Bioflow bracelet on her wrist, brand ambassador Catriona Matthew is confident of representing Great Britain in the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

With Bioflow magnetic bracelets doing so well among sportspersons in the UK, it won’t be long before athletes, golfers and other sportspersons join the Bioflow revolution in Australia.

Bioflow Sport wristbands are promoted by other professional golfers like; Lee Westwood, Paul Lawrie, Chris Wood, Tommy Fleetwood, Thomas Aiken and Scott Jamieson