Magnotherapy – Our Technology

Many people are weary of allopathic medications. Not only do these medicines and gels offer temporary relief but they also cause a number of side effects. Bioflow’s magnetic bracelets provide a safe and natural way of alleviating pain. Bioflow products are designed using neodymium magnets with a ‘Central Reverse Polarity’ magnetic field. Bioflow magnets have a high success rate in fighting conditions like acute back pain, menstrual cramps, arthritis, poor blood circulation, and migraines. It also helps speed up recovery and healing of various illnesses.

The blood that passes through the multi-directional field has a pulsating effect that assists the body in maintaining a healthy pH level as well as good conductivity in the cells that promote good health.


About Magnotherapy

  • Magnotherapy improves blood circulation by allowing a higher number of oxygen packed red and white cells of the immune system to spread to different parts of the body. An increase in blood circulation automatically reduces existing pain and brings down swelling by supplying the required nutrients to the affected area.
  • Another benefit of Magnotherapy ( magnet therapy ) is that it helps in the detoxification and purification of blood. Once the impurities in the blood are removed inflammation is reduced and healing takes place faster.
  • Though magnotherapy (magnetic therapy ) has become popular over the last few decades, it’s been around for centuries. Cleopatra supposedly wore a small magnet on her forehead to preserve her youth and reduce her headaches. It is also believed that Queen Elizabeth I used a magnet to alleviate pain from arthritis.


Central Reverse Polarity® – our unique technology

  • Magnets used in Bioflow products use a multi-directional force of magnetism called Central Reverse Polarity® also known as CRP®. CRP® follows a similar technology that is used in professional physiotherapy machines. What makes CRP® stand out is that molecules that leave the CRP® field are more effective than than those produced by standard magnets.



  • CRP® technology is patented and one-of-a kind.  You’ll find that Bioflow’s magnetic products are made using superior quality neodymium magnets – the strongest type of permanent magnet available in the market.
  • One of the highlights of Bioflow North Pty Ltd is that it comes with a 90-day trial period and a money back guarantee.
  • Bioflow® products have been categorised as a Class 1 medical device.