Scott Jamieson

Scott Jamieson – The Young and the Talented

Scott JamiesonScott Jamieson is a Scottish professional golfer. His golf scholarship got him admission at Augusta State University in the US where he played amateur golf for four years. In his final year of playing amateur golf, he represented his country at the 2006 Eisenhower Trophy. After this tournament he turned professional.

Scott is wearing a Bioflow Sport Blue Wristband in this image.

He started his professional career minus any fanfare. And by 2009, he tied twice in the third-tier of the PGA EuroPro Tour. Shortly after that he recorded top-20 finishes on the Challenge Tour. By 2010, his excellent performance in the previous year earned him a full Challenge Tour status and once again he enjoyed a super season with top-20 finishes in his final six-tournaments. A few of his crowning moments:

  • 2009 European Championship,
  • The ABC Solutions UK Championship
  • 2012/2013 The Nelson Mandela Championship

After Scott won the Nelson Mandela Championship, he continued to have a good season with him retaining his European tour card and being in the finale of the DP World Championship. 2013 was also a great year for Scott. He bagged the 2nd place in the Volvo Golf Champions.

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