Thomas Aiken

Thomas Aiken – Master of the Game

Thomas AikenThomas Aiken is a South African professional golfer. He had a very successful career as an amateur golfer and went professional in 2001. Barely three years after turning professional, Thomas Aiken won three times on the Sunshine Tour’s Winter Swing. But his celebration was cut short when he discovered that he had to undergo surgery for a wrist injury that he was facing. 6 weeks before his scheduled surgery, Thomas met a Bioflow distributor from South Africa. Not fully convinced about magnotherapy, he decided to try it anyway and here is what he had to say, “I tried the Bioflow wristbands almost as a last resort, but I’m so glad I did. Ultimately I avoided surgery on my wrist and was back hitting golf balls in three weeks. I won’t take them off now”.

Thomas is wearing a Bioflow Sport White Wristband in this photo.

He was part of the 2005 Sunshine Tour’s Winter Swing and competed in the 2005 Nationwide Tour in America. He earned his European tour card through the Qualifying School in 2007. He has been a regular feature in the European Tour since 2007 and his best game was on the European Tour in 2011. A few highlights of Thomas Aiken’s record:

  • 2011 Open de España
  • 2013 Avantha Masters
  • 2014 Africa Open

Thomas Aiken was sported wearing his Bioflow wristband when he was celebrating his maiden tour victory in the 2011 Open de España Tour. Today he’s the brand ambassador of Bioflow and this is what he has to say about Bioflow’s magnetic bracelets, “’I’m now the biggest advocate of magnotherapy and Bioflow are number one. They literally saved my career and I’m delighted to be ambassador for their products.” Team Bioflow is thrilled to have Thomas Aiken as brand ambassador of their products.

The Magic of Magnotherapy

Just like Thomas Aiken, millions of people have benefited from Bioflow’s magnotherapy wristbands. Bioflow bracelets and wristbands are fitted with neodymium magnets, the strongest type of permanent magnets available in the market. Magnets used in Bioflow products use a multi-directional force of magnetism called Central Reverse Polarity, CRP. CRP affects the body energy levels in the following ways: it activates the release of energy, it increases the volume of stored energy and it acts like a catalyst by providing energy to increase the rate of chemical reactions. Research has indicated that these magnets have been successful in fighting poor blood circulation, arthritis, back pain, headaches, migraines and healing wrist and shoulder injuries. And since golfers spend long hours during tournaments and while practicing, they are highly susceptible to wrist, shoulder, elbow, and back injuries. Bioflow’s magnetic bracelets increase the blood flow to these affected areas. This helps bring the inflammation and swelling down and reduces the pain.

Bioflow Sport and Bioflow Sport Twin have become popular all over Europe especially in the sports circuit. It is no surprise that Bioflow North Pty Ltd, which started in Australia a few years back became an instant success. It won’t be long before professional Australian golfers discover Bioflow’s safe and effective way to fight pain.

The other six professional golfers who advocate Bioflow Sport wristbands are; Catriona Matthew, Lee Westwood, Paul Lawrie, Chris Wood, Tommy Fleetwood and Scott Jamieson