Tommy Fleetwood

Tommy Fleetwood – Prince of Tees

Tommy FleetwoodTommy Fleetwood is an English professional golfer. His amateur career includes a number of successful wins – 2009 Scottish Amateur Stroke Play Championship, 2010 New South Wales Amateur, 2010 Spanish Amateur, 2010 European Amateur and 2010 English Amateur. He was one of the few privileged players who got to represent Great Britain and Ireland in the Wakers Cup in 2009. All his wins and near wins landed him in the number 3 position in the in The R&A’s World Amateur Golf Ranking.

Tommy is wearing a Bioflow Sport Wristband Neon Black / Blue in this image.

Tommy Fleetwood was the runner-up at the 2010 English Challenge on Europe’s second tier Challenge Tour Shortly after he won the 2010 English Amateur title he turned professional. In 2011, he won the Kazakhstan Open, which got him his European tour card. His first major win was the 2013 Johnnie Walker Championship at Gleneagles. In 2014, Tommy Fleetwood was announced as brand ambassador for Bioflow. Like other Bioflow brand ambassadors Tommy Fleetwood was ecstatic and shared, “I’m delighted to become part of the Bioflow family and endorse their products. The wristband has worked wonders for me and I’m sure it will for everybody who tries it.” Tommy Fleetwood will be sporting the next generation Bioflow Sport Twin throughout 2014.

Many golfers are opting for Bioflow’s magnetic wristbands. Some of them have even avoided surgeries by wearing Bioflow’s magnotherapy bracelets.

What’s so special about Bioflow? Plenty.

Bioflow bracelets and wristbands are fitted with neodymium magnets, one of the strongest types of permanent magnet. Bioflow magnets use multi-directional force of magnetism called Central Reverse Polarity, CRP. Whenever blood passes thorough the magnet’s multi-directional field it undergoes a pulsating effect. This helps the body maintain a normal and healthy pH level. A healthy pH level means good conductivity in the cells. CRP activates the release of energy, increases the volume of stored energy and increases of chemical reactions.

Golfers are prone to a number of injuries – low back pain, golfer’s elbow, jogger’s heal and shoulder pain. Studies have revealed that magnotherapy improves blood circulation to the affected areas. An increase in blood circulation reduces pain and brings down swelling by ensuring the affected area get the required nutrients. Mangnotherapy bracelets also help in purifying the blood. Once impurities are removed, inflammation is reduced and healing takes place faster.

Bioflow has been in the market for 19 years and many sports professional opt for Bioflow as it’s proved to be a safe and natural way to fight aches and pains. Bioflow Sport and Bioflow Sport Twin are best sellers and the popular choice among golfers. The Bioflow Sport has a single silicone strap, which is embedded with Bioflow’s patent technology. Bioflow Sport Twin is designed with double silicone straps that are fitted with Bioflow’s patent technology.

While Tommy Fleetwood is happy to wear his sporty magnetic bracelet, Bioflow Managing Director is thrilled to have Tommy who is recognised as one of the most promising players in world golf as a brand ambassador.

Bioflow North Pty Ltd hopes that sports professionals in Australia will recognise the benefits of wearing these amazing and safe magnetic wristbands to fight pain. Some of the professional golfers who use Bioflow Sport magnotherapy wristbands are Catriona Matthew, Lee Westwood, Thomas AikenChris Wood, Scott Jamieson and Paul Lawrie.